Privacy policy

effective revision as of 11th May 2014.

1. General terms

1.This Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred as to Policy) is an integral part of "Agreement and rules", publicly presented on the page, which determine the order of access to the site and its Tools.

2. The purpose of this Policy is to protect appropriate User information, including their Personal Information, from unauthorized access and disclosure.

3. This Policy and the current legislation of the Company's country regulate relationships connected with collecting, storage, distribution and security of the website user's information.

4. Privacy policy is the public document available to any Internet User by following the link

5. In case of changes in the Privacy Policy, the Administration of the Site notifies Users of this no later than 10 days prior to coming into effect of corresponding changes, by placement of new revision on the Site at the permanent address

6. By registering and using the Site, User hereby agrees to the terms and conditions hereunder Policy.

7. In case User disagrees with the terms and conditions hereunder, he must immediately cease to use of the Site, Services and Tools.

2. Website usage terms and conditions 

1. In providing the opportunity to use the Site, Services and Tools, Site Administration, being a respectable and reasonable party, assumes that that User: 

-      has all necessary rights allowing him to register and to use this Site;

-      specifies accurate personal information  in the amount necessary for use of Services and Tools of the Site;

-      acknowledges that Personal Information published by the User on the site can become available to other Users of the Site and Internet, may be copied and distributed by such Users;

-      realizes that some types of information that he has transferred to other Users can't be removed by the User himself;

-      is acquainted with hereunder Policy, agrees with it and assumes the rights and obligations specified in this document.

2. Site Administration shall not verify the accuracy of information received (collected) on Users, except in cases when such inspection is necessary for Site Administration for the purposes of fulfilling their own obligations to Users.

3. This Policy is applicable only to the Site The company shall not control and shall not bear responsibility for the third party sites which the User can follow using the links located at Such sites can collect or request other Personal Information as well as perform other actions for which Site Administration doesn't bear responsibility.

3. Purposes of collection and processing User Personal Information  

1. The company shall collect and store only that Personal Information which is necessary for providing Services and Tools (fulfillment of obligations under "Agreement and rules").

2. Collection and storage of User information is executed for the following purposes:

-      identification of the party within agreements and contracts with the Company;

-      providing Services and Tools to the User;

-      communications with the User and processing User requests and applications;

-      Services, Tools, apps quality improvement, increase of convenience of their use, development of the new products;

-      ads targeting;

-      organization of target meetings according to the Policy with the purpose of development of the real estate market, integration and directed interaction between Users;

-      statistical and other researches on the basis of the depersonalized data.

4. Content of Personal Information 

1. User Personal Information includes:

-      The minimum information to be provided by Users to register on the Site is: first name and name, phone number and/or e-mail address;

-      Information provided by Users on their personal pages: education, work place, language skills, company postal address, number of employees, Content and its category;

-      Additional Users Information provided by request of Site Administration in order to fulfil obligations to Users in case it is required for providing Services/Tools or under contractual relationship of the User with the Company. In particular, Site Administration has the right to request from the User a copy of any document or other additional information which at the discretion of Administration will be necessary and sufficient for identification of such User and will allow to eliminate abuses and violations of the rights of third parties.

2. Other User information processing by Site Administration:

-      standard information automatically received by the http server upon accessing the site during subsequent activities of the User (host IP address, type of operating system, web-pages visited).

-      information automatically received upon accessing the Site while using cookies;

-      information that Users create out of the edit section on the Site (order of placement and promotion of the Content by the means of the Site);

-      information received as a result of the User's activities on the Site (in particular, information about using of Services/Tools, adding  other Users to Friends Accounts, posting photos, participating/ refusal to participate in meetings, fairs,  forums);

-      information received as a result of the activities of other Users on the Site (in particular, bookmarks regarding User Objects page views);

-      information transferred during preparation for public events and signing of agreements, contracts.

5. Information processing  

1. Processing of Personal information shall be conducted on the basis of the following principles:

-      legality of the purposes and methods of processing personal information;

-      integrity;

-      compliance of the purposes for processing the personal information with the predefined purposes that were declared during the collection of the personal information, as well as with the authority of Site Administration;

-      compliance of the volume and character of the processed personal information and the methods of processing personal information with the purposes of processing personal information

-      Inadmissibility of integration of the data bases which contain Personal Information and were originally created for the different purposes.

2. Site Administration shall carry out processing of User Personal Information in order to fulfil the contract between Site Administration and the User on rendering Services (p. 2.2 "Agreement and rules", According to the Federal laws Company's country, any additional consent of the User to process his Personal Information is not required. According to the law, Site Administration has the right to process Personal Information without notification of the authorized body on protection of the rights of subjects of personal information.

3. Collecting User Personal Information shall be carried out at registration on the Site, and further entering additional information by the User on his own initiative, including the conclusion of contracts and agreements.

4. Personal Information provided in p. 4.1. hereunder Policy are submitted by the User are minimum necessary to register on the Site. Personal information provided in p. 4.2. hereunder Policy are submitted additionally by the User on his own initiative.

5. Users' Personal Information shall be stored exclusively in electronic format and processed by automated systems, except in cases where non-automated processing of personal information is necessary in order to fulfill the requirements of legislation.

6. Users' Personal Information shall not be transferred to any third parties, except as expressly provided for hereunder. With the User's permission, their personal information may be sent to third party Partners on the condition that such Partners accept the obligation to ensure confidentiality of the received information, in particular when using Services and Tools.

7. Users' Personal Information shall be submitted upon request by government bodies (local governments) as provided for under applicable legislation.

8. Transfer is provided by the Russian or other applicable legislation within the procedure established by the legislation. Such transfer occurs within sale or other transfer of business (completely or in parts), thus to the purchaser pass all obligations for observance of conditions of this Policy regarding the received Personal Information.

6. Changing Personal Information 

1. The User shall have the opportunity to change (update, add) provided Personal Information or its part as well as privacy parameters using the editing function of Personal Information on the User page.

2. Considering Edit Tools and Services provided in p. 8 of "Agreement and rules", the User has the right to select one of the following Privacy Level regarding his Promoted Objects:- information is available to all Users, Visitors of the Site and Internet and is indexed by search engines in the region of location;

-      information is indexed by the Internet search engines, is available to all Users and Visitors of the Site, including foreign Users without any restriction;

-   information is available only to the Users going through the link to the Object presentation sent through the personal message, but it isn't indexed by search engines;

    information is available only to the User.

3. Site Administration doesn't bear responsibility for disclosure of Content, including personal and/or commercial information (phone number, sums of remunerations, services, Object) of the User to other Users of the Site who got access to such data according to the access level chosen by the User.

4. The User can also delete provided personal information within the account, through this function on the Personal Page.

5. In case the User deletes his User page, Site Administration shall store User’s Personal Information on the data carrier within 365 days from the moment of removal of the User page. Personal Information shall be destroyed on the expiration of 365 days from the moment of removal of the User page. Before the expiration of the specified term the User has the right to restore his User page.

6. When User deletes Personal Information (other User Information, Content) from the User or deletes his User personal page from the Site, the information about the User copied by other Users or storing the on pages of other Users can be preserved.

7. Site Administration has the right to delete the User Page in case of violation by the User of conditions of "Agreement and rules", defining the use of the site (p.p. 7.4., 7.5. and 10.13.

7. Users rights and responsibilities

Users have the right:

1. To access free of charge their Personal Information and Content of the User Page upon loading their personal pages on the Site with personal login and password;

2. To make changes and corrections of Personal Information on the User personal page and of Content published on the Website themselves provided that such changes and corrections contain actual and reliable information;

3. To define themselves the Privacy Level and conditions of access to the published Content, (p. 6.2. of this Policy);

4. To delete from the User page on the Site any Personal information as well as information about Promoted Objects;

5. To demand from Site Administration to specify their Personal Information, its blocking or destruction in case such information are incomplete, outdated, non-credible, illegally received or aren't necessary for declared purpose of information processing and if it is impossible to execute themselves any activities provided in p. 7.1 and 7.2. of this Policy;

6. To receive upon the request any information concerning processing of their Personal Information from Site Administration.

7. As the Site gives the opportunity to search for information on the basis of the tasks of purchase, sale, search of the people and the companies capable to provide with competent services or to assist operations with real estate objects, their promotion, in any quantity and scope, and also in foreign languages according to the standards regulating the real estate market in the countries other than the Company's country, the following information about the registered User is always available to any registered User of the Site:

User first name and name; date of birth, profile photo, city and country of residence, work certificates, employer, occupied sector in the market, status of the visitor of fairs, salons and other event according to the meetings held in the real estate market, complete description of Promoted Objects as it was provided by the User.

8. Protection of Users' Information 

1. The administration of the Site shall take all technical, organizational and legal measures to protect User Personal Information from unauthorized or accidental access to it, destruction, change, blocking, copying, distribution, as well as from other illegal actions.

2. For authorized access to the Site User enter his login (e-mail address and/or phone number) and the password. The User is responsible for safety of this information. The User has no right to disclose his login and password to the third parties (except for the Users registered as the legal entity, having the right to register individual persons as official representatives of the company), and is obliged to undertake measures for ensuring their confidentiality.

3. In order to ensure more reliable security of information of the Users registered as the legal entity, Site Administration shall delegate the right to create, transfer and store information regarding the access to the personal page to the company in case it meets the conditions of "Agreement and rules". 

9. Restriction of Rules application 

This Privacy Policy does not apply to activities and Internet resources of the third parties. 


The administration of the Site strongly recommends to Users to take a responsible approach to thinking of the amount of personal information published on the Website.

10. Feedback

1. Users have the right to send Site Administrations the requests, including the requests concerning use of their personal information provided in p. 7.6 of this Policy, in writing by e-mail, signed with the qualified digital signature according to the legislation of the Company's country to the email address:

2. The request sent by the User shall contain the following information:

-     number of the identity document of the User or his representative;

-     date of issue of the specified document and the code of the body that issued it;

-    the data confirming contractual relationship between the Operator and the User (in particular, id number);

-    signature of the User or his representative.

3. Site Administration engages for consideration and answer to the User request within 30 days from the moment of receipt of the request.

4. All correspondence received by Site Administration from Users is considered as information with limited access and shall not be disclosed without written consent of the User. Personal Information and other information about the User who sent the request can't be used without special consent of the User differently as for the answer for the received request or in the cases which are directly provided by the legislation.