Partner program for agencies and developers affords ample opportunities of property sales and management. Sell a house, an apartment or a room. Use our capacities to make sales pleasant and favorable.
Open representative office on
Create an online representative office for placement of your objects. Interact with offices; connect the staff of the company in order to use our space in your own advertising purposes.
Openness in work

Our support is provided irrespective of the type and the sizes of your company, irrespective of location and number of staff members. We strive that each object placed by you is available to all buyers interested in it.

The guaranteed support of the young companies
If you entered the market less than two years ago, we are ready to give you our support regardless of your region and the country. Start working on the first day. provides 10 % discount for the companies presented in the market less than two years and 20% for the companies presented in the market less than one year.
Opportunities for property sale
Your foreign buyers
Increase your sales, by offering property to foreign buyers. Millions of clients make purchases in the countries, different from the countires of their residence. Be the first, will help you to reach agreement.
Do clever offers, inform about the incoming changes in advance. We will strive that everyone learns about your sales or discounts.
Use all our resources
The services allow to promote objects independently from each other. Now your staff member chooses Service or Tools on his own, order and level of leading of the object to the market: local, regional or international market with access for buyers from other countries.
Form the actual offer according to each type of object.
Allow your staff to work efficiently
Your staff will be happy

We guarantee your staff bigger percent of charge from when using Services and Tools. The more the company staff tries to carry out sale of your object, the more charges he will receive into his account. supports your sales until you find the best buyer
Your system of sales control
Control the current sales and also price management by your staff. Carry out assessment of profitability of your company actions in time.
Correct actions of individual staff member or all at once: control sales, trace stagnation of objects, estimate profitability of the company.
Forget about the missed benefit. We do everything so that you will be in advance.
Development without borders

Work at the new level, come into contacts for sales, and realize objects of your company in the mode of direct meetings.

According to the current positions of the Calendar section, allocates a part of places for free accreditation of the most perspective Real Estate Agents. Interacting with experience of the foreign companies, you become the true professional.

Optimization of information about the companies
Successful work of our partners significantly depends on timeliness of provision of information in various search engines.
Every day we strive to improve our product, by providing actual decisions only and choosing the best experts for work.